At Scott Xterminating we offer a full range of pest control treatment and options for our customers in South Central Kentucky, Bowling Green, Russellville and all points in between. Whether your experiencing a roach or termite infestation or a bed bug or ant problem, the experienced technicians here will quickly resolve the issue and get your home or business pest free.


Termites have been on this planet for over 360 million years and are not going away and will always be here. But that doesn't mean we have to live with them burrowing in our walls and eating away at our foundations threatening our homes and businesses. Termites are attracted to moisture and any standing water or moist soil near your home and foundation is an ideal environment for them. Scott Xterminating offers free quotes if you suspect you have a problem and we will come out and assess the issue and offer effective treatment options. Protect your investment and keep your home and business safe from these pests. Call us today.


Roaches like dark places in your walls and floorboards and anywhere in between. If you have a roach problem of infestation let us tackle the problem and rid your home of these pests. There are over 4,600 types of roaches and 30 are known to prefer human habitats and 4 are known as pests in households across Southern Kentucky and the U.S. the most common are the American, German, Australian and Oriental cockroach. Cockroaches adversely effect those with allergies and are a threat to humans if left untreated. We love ridding homes and businesses of pests and keeping them outdoors. Call Shawn Scott today.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. Definitely something out of a horror movie like leaches or ticks but very real nonetheless. We have all seen the news about bed bug infestations in hotels and how the backs of unsuspecting customers are covered with red bite marks. If you suspect you have a problem inspect the bedsheets and leave ok for reddish stains on sheets and mattresses from crushed bed bugs. Definitely gross yet treatable with aggressive pest control options. Call us today and get your free estimate and let Scott Xterminating eradicate these pests from your home and your life.


Another blood sucking pest that can be removed from your home with aggressive treatment. A female flea can consume 15 times her body weight in a single day and fleas can go over 100 days without feeding so they are very hardy insects and must be handled quickly with lethal treatment options to rid them of your home or business. Most infestations occur by the fleas piggybacking off house pets and then hiding in the carpet, beds, mattresses or wherever they can find shelter. We love killing fleas so give us a call today and we will quickly rid your home of these blood sucking pests.


Hear a critter in your attic? Got a squirrel or a raccoon rummaging through your things? Snakes slithering in your basement? Have a bird stuck in your attic? Whatever vermin that has taken up residence in your home or business let us find them and release them back to the wild where they belong. We use humane trapping techniques and make sure any vermin or unwanted guest are removed from your home.


Do you have gnats hovering around your food and fruit? Fly's buzzing in your house? Mosquitoes ready to pounce outside your door? We can help rid your property of these flying pests and insects. Our specialized treatment methods are proven and effective so let us come by and offer a free estimate to remove them quickly from your home or business.

Call us today because we love eradicating pests and vermin and keeping them where they belong, outdoors!